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Does Window Film Really Control The Heat Coming Through My Windows?

Yes. Based on the film that is chosen, a properly selected film will offers tremendous heat reduction. You can still maintain your beautiful view while at the same time creating a room that is much cooler and more comfortable.

Can Window Film Help My Fading Problem?
Yes. Our films do block out 99% of the damaging UV Rays from the sun to avoid fading for your furniture, rugs, pictures, floors and valuables.
Does Window Film Affect My View?
NO. Unlike other products on the market, our films use a dry adhesive system. This allows for an optically perfect film that enhances your view, not impairs it. Based on the film you select, it may be impossible to tell visually that the film was even installed.
Will The Film Break My Glass?

Yes it can, when you don’t install the proper film for your glass type, the glass may crack due to the film absorbing too much heat. Our expert sales team will make sure to know your glass type and recommend a safe film that won’t make your glass crack.

How Do I Clean The Windows?
By using films with a dry adhesive system, you can continue to use the same household cleaners you have always used. Alcohol and ammonia-based cleaners do not affect our films, And with our scratch-resistant coating, cleaning is safe and easy.
What Is The Warranty?
There is a lifetime warranty on residential installations and a 10-year warranty on commercial installations. Our manufacturers warranty against bubbling, cracking, delaminating, crazing or peeling for the specified period all are covered to give you a piece of mind.
Is window film installed on the interior or exterior?

Majority of the products are made for interior installation. in fact most decorative window films are installed on the interior of windows in both residential and commercial settings. However, exterior window tints are available for both residential and commercial settings. Exterior window film is commonly used for large buildings or double pane glass that is easily accessible to reach from the exterior. Speak with a sales representative to see if interior window film or exterior window film is right for you!

Does window film are available in different colors?

There are various different shades in window film. All window film works the same but have different hues of color. When it comes to decorative window film you can choose from frosted window film, blackout window film, whiteout film and more. Speak with a sales representative to figure out which window film will work best for you.

Is Window film scratch proof?

The manufacturers of window films utilize numerous types of scratch resistant coatings during the manufacturing process. This scratch resistant coating is applied to the exterior surface of the window film to protect the film from normal wear and tear and abuse by humans by the natural environment.

Our home or office is under construction. When should we have the window film installed?

Window film should generally be installed in new or renovated buildings only when all other work has been completed. There are many reasons for waiting until the end of construction.

There is little sense in applying window film to windows that have frames that may need to be stained or painted. This could lead to stain or paint splatters on the film itself which would need to be cleaned off. Some cleaning agents would damage the film requiring the film to be replaced.

Other reasons could be the potential for damage to the film due to the high amount of activity in a construction environment. Also, in many cases, there is a high level of dust and particles, such as wood dust or carpet fibers, in a construction area that could become trapped between the glass and the window film.

How does window film work?

Most window films are applied to the inside glass surface of a window. As the sunlight hits the glass surface, four basic things occur:
Sunlight hits the window and a part of its energy is reflected away from the window.
The glass absorbs some of the sun’s energy.
A portion of the sun’s solar energy is transmitted thru the window film into the room.
Part of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the window film and part is re-radiated in and out of the room.

How is window film installed?

The installation begins by clearing access to the windows. Any furniture or window treatments should be moved to the side or out of the way to provide easy access to the windows. Care should be taken since window treatments are very expensive.

Your window tinting installer should cover any flooring or carpeting in from of the windows. Drop cloths should be used to protect the flooring from the water solution used during the installation process.

The next step is to properly clean the glass and frame. Our installer pay special attention to remove any foreign particles from the glass and from around the edges of the window, such as paint, varnish, caulks, etc. The window is then squeegeed to dry.

The window film is now ready for the actual installation. A release is pulled from the top of the film to expose the adhesive on the film. While the film is being peeled, soapy water is sprayed on the film and window. This helps to reduce the static electricity generated by the liner removal and allows for proper positioning of the film on the window. The film is squeegeed and trimmed to fit the window. A final check for excess water both under the film and around the framing is done.

Finally, any drop cloths are picked up and removed. Any window treatments that may have been moved are replaced along with any furniture moved back into place.

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